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We bring a home for flailing. XD

Malaysian NEWS fans community ♥
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if you're Malaysian and a NEWS fan, enjoy!

✖ Welcome! ✖

Helloo everyone! Welcome to msian_newsfans at Livejournal.


This community created for Malaysian NEWS fan out there!! we hope don't have any bashing each other. we must respect others idol and we want create more MEMBER AI in this community. NEWS member are TOMOHISA YAMASHITA, KEIICHIRO KOYAMA, RYO NISHIKIDO, SHIGEAKI KATO, TAKAHISA MASUDA AND YUYA TEGOSHI. EX-member are MORIUCHI TAKAHIRO, HIROKI UCHI and HIRONORI KUSANO. However they three ex-member of NEWS but hope they will not be bashing! they still NEWS's heart for some fan. THIS COMMUNITY FOR NEWS ONLY!!
NEWS formed as 9 member at November 2003 and release NEWS NIPPON single and on December 2003 MORIUCHI TAKAHIRO leave NEWS. NEWS official debut single Kibou~Yell~ on 12 MAY 2004 as 8 member. After they release single SAYAENDOU/ HADASHI no CINDERELLA BOY, MEWS being HIATUS 1 year because two member who still under age having facing drink scandal. At HIATUS, every member doing solo work until JAN 2007 NEWS return back as 6 member at Johnny's Countdown 2006/2007. PLEASE CONTINUE SUPPORT NEWS UNTIL END LINE!!

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