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hai girls,

from voting, we will make this awesome party on

Date: 25th Dec 2010 (saturday)
Place: Neway Times Square
Time: 12pm-2pm
Payment: RM18+ per person (including lunch)

Our tentative Programe

11-1130am:meet up at infront Neway Times Square
12pm-1230pm:celebrating TegoRyo's birthday party
1230pm-2pm: Livex3 Screening (we will having our lunch while watching the concert)

if you guys want bring some addition foods, its ok ^_^ i'll sponsor the cake for our lovely boys heart1 now i want confirm how many person will be join us that day ... Lets have fun together and do fangirling screaming together that day.. it will be awesome and great!!!
if you have uchiwa, its will be great too! we can make we watching concert together :DD

How To Get to Berjaya Times Square

Via KL Monorail -->   The KL Monorail Imbi Station stop directly in front of Berjaya Times Square.
Via LRT  -->  The Rapid KL Ampang/Sri Petaling Line Hang Tuah Station is 5 minutes walking distance to Berjaya Times Square
Via Car/Taxi--> 5 minutes away from Puduraya Bus Terminal.  10 minutes away from KL Sentral Station.
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09 December 2010 @ 06:54 pm
minna-san, hisashiburidesu yo~

long time we not having party together ne kidding
so i have plan to have big gathering with you guys!!!!
i want gathering for LIVEx3 dvd screening plus with celebrating RYOTEGO's birthday party heart1heart1

i want take survey with you guys, what day and where we should do this gathering!!!

Poll #1654890 LIVEX3 Screening & ryotego bash


Neway karaoke @ Bernama Times Square
Green Box @ Lot10
Redbox @ Garden Midvalley

what day?

22th Dec 2010
25th Dec 2010
26th Dec 2010
btw.. i need some volunteer who can help me to make this gathering more awesome!!!! please contact me if you guys interest ne thumbsup

last but not least,
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21 December 2009 @ 09:12 pm

Quick survey from me..ok, who wanna join Tegomass DVD screening?
If more than 10, than maybe i'll consider..if not, juz watch ourself k..^_^.

Jya mata~~~
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12 April 2009 @ 06:15 pm

Photobucket Photobucket

*edit* there's an obvious erm.. error in the 1st part at the [add info post link] part XD. haha i was stupid. neways, go to the 1st post of the comm for this. =D thanks!

and DUH! credits to xxhanan for the awesome grapics XD. 
11 April 2009 @ 11:03 am
Hello, it's me again. Hope you're not sick of me yet.

I'm sure some of you here went to the NEWS 1st ever fangathering last Febuary. But for those of you who didnt, here's your chance!

first up, i would like to see how many of you lovely ladies (and guys if there are) are free on the 9th of May?
We're hoping to plan another fan meet on that day and make is as massive as possible. All those in favour say NEWS ♥
As for activities, we're still in planning stages so everyone is welcomed to give opinoins. 
and venue, at first we planned to have it in PD (to save cost and BEACH) but we don't know what the response to that would be so.. guys? 

Once everything is settled, a new post will be updated.

btw, i feel WEIRD talking all formally. woo~
11 April 2009 @ 01:12 am
Hello fellow Malaysian NEWS fans. The main purpose of this community is for us NEWS fans here have a place to flail and fail meet other fans. I, jadeyeap , together with newskattuneito have been thinking of creating this comm for a long time and we finally did it. So now we have a home to go crazy together all we like. 

We've made this a moderated community in order to avoid unnessary bashing. So, please comment on this post with the form given (copy and paste) and lets have fun ♥! 

Sorry this was long-winded O-o i'm baaad at speeches. 
p.s. add us so we can add you back!
p.p.s. is anyone here good at graphics? cuz as u can see, this comm is still in the works. we need help to make our home pretty ♥

Clicky for the form ♥Collapse )
Welcome and have fun! 
btw, I'm Jadeeey ♥